Mahmoud Asadi

Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Mahmoud Asadi has more than 30 years of experience in oil and gas research and development and product applications in the areas of stimulations, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and cementing. Mahmoud started his career with Stimlab & Protechncis where later; they both became subsidiary of Core Laboratory. During his 18 years at Stimlab/ProTechncis he was involved in R&D in the areas of stimulations and applied tracers to more than 150 EOR and 350 fracturing projects globally. Later, he joined FTSI as the Senior Vice President of Technology where he focused on R&D in the area of simulations. He then joined Fritz Industries as the director of R&D where his focused was product development in the areas of flow assurance, stimulations, cementing and EOR.

Dr. Asadi has served as the chairman of the American Petroleum Institute (API) fracturing fluids committee and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) completion fluids committee for 18 years. He holds a doctorate in petroleum engineering from the University of Kansas and completed a post-doctorate research program in hydraulic fracturing/proppant transport at the University of Oklahoma. Mahmoud is a registered professional engineer in the State of Texas and has published more than 60 articles in the areas of tracer applications, scale inhibitor, hydraulic fracturing fluids and proppant transport.

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