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Diagnostic stimulation optimization tracers are composed of dna sequences that are attached to a metallic core then encapsulated within invisible particles that can be mixed with any fluid (providing it with a unique fingerprint, which is easily identified and quantified with the state-of-the-art bio-analytics used in medicine and forensics.


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DSO provides businesses with a patented disruptive technological solution to bring visibility and efficiency to anything that can be traced. DSO created a marking technology that provides a traceable fingerprint from start to finish. The fingerprint is an invisible and robust marker based on DNA.
Oil and Gas

You can determine whether or not it would have been able to propagate or not near the max height.

EOR & Waterflooding

Tracers have historically been used to understand the effectiveness of waterfloods to see how far a service provider can “reach”


The particles encapsulating the DNA are extremely small spheres less than 1 micron.

Reservoir Characterizaton

This is a very useful way to evaluate real fluid flow through specific reservoir rocks.

Field Proven Technology